Classic car registration is not always a guarantee that the car is in perfect condition.
This 02 Series BMW has met the requirements for Finnish museum/classic car registration for decades. However, damage and rust are appearing.
Some repairs have been made by previous owners, which at least temporarily have increased the level of cleanliness and functionality.
The current owner would like the car to be in new or close-to-new condition. In our hands it will go through a complete restoration.
This car also deserves it, after all it is a rare dual-carburator Solex model from the era when the M10B20 engine was not yet installed in the 02 Series.







The restoration of the BMW has started with complete disassembling.
Each part is being labeled, photographed and archived in boxes.
The chassis is waiting for delivery to a complete paint removal blasting.




In December, we arranged a photoshoot of a top-of-the-range reconditioned BMW 1600ti. The car was in BMW Group Classic’s own collection in Germany.


Based on the pictures taken of the many details, we will be able to complete our own restoration project accurately to the factory’s specifications.
More to come..