We provide a wide range of services for practically any type of classic car restoration from manufacturing and purchase of parts to basic vehicle maintenance. Our strengths are in the area of metal fabrication and any modifications to engine, suspension, brake systems and other upgrades from original factory specifications.
We pay special attention to any large-scale projects requiring creative solutions that seamlessly bond technology and design from different time periods. Throughout the entire restoration process – from picking up the vehicle to the final delivery – we carefully manage every aspect of the project according to our customer’s wishes. We can also provide our assistance during the customer’s purchase of a vehicle.
In addition, we are totally capable of restoring cars to exact factory specifications if so required for display in museums and other specific purposes.
We can also assist should a customer wishing to perform their own restoration chooses to outsource only a specific part of the restoration. (Engine swaps, brake upgrades, tailor-made parts, exhaust manifolds, axle modifications, sheet metal works, etc.)
Though our area of strength is German cars, we are always happy to work on all makes of cars while we expand our expertise.
We have developed an extensive cooperative network to support us in the purchase of classic vehicle parts and during the actual restoration process.